Profit Driven Novelty Seeking Anarchists Unite!

People have different reasons for buying into Bitcoin (and other digital currencies). Some have a profit motive. Some enjoy the novelty of technological innovations. And some are varying degrees of anarchists. I subscribe to all of the above but admit to be slightly more anarchistic than profit driven.

Like most middle class Americans, I am sick of being ripped off by financial institutions: banks, credit card companies, credit rating agencies, brokerage firms – I can’t count how many times I’ve been wronged when I’ve done everything right. The concept of a new technology that may render all these industries obsolete appeals to me.

But I don’t have deep pockets, and I do have dependents, so I’m a cautious participant. I’m not financially sophisticated. I’m not particularly technologically savvy, but I relish a change in the balance of financial power and I hope to encourage other fed up regular folk to join the digital currency revolution.

No doubt it’s confusing and intimidating. But I do believe we’ll look back at this time in economic history and marvel at how radical a turning point it turned out to be. Don’t you wish you bought Ebay or Amazon stock in the late 1990s? I sure do. But I was too young and broke (and clueless) to buy in. I scoffed at the IPO’s of Google, Facebook, and Alibaba. Bitcoin and its altcoin kin seem like an equal opportunity to get on board something revolutionary and maybe even profitable.

Join me on this adventure. Sacrifice your next vacation funds and play the crypto markets with me. Little by little, us fed up regular folk will reach a critical mass of seeking a better way to exercise our purchasing power. We’ll go slow and evaluate our lucky breaks and our mistakes. We’ll share tips and learn together. And we won’t be playing catch up for once. Profit driven novelty seeking anarchists unite in the digital cash revolution!